The Big Picture

ISystems¨ provides integrated technology business solutions and consulting. Our outstanding success is rooted in an intense commitment to thorough understanding of our clients industries, people, and technologies. In addition, our background in mission critical and global systems inspires an obsessive commitment to knowing the state-of-the-art information technology and management information systems that will help to achieve your specific business strategies, such as greater competitive advantage and greater margins.

Total Quality Management Systems

TQTracker¨ is an integrated shop management and job tracking system for a high-capacity pre-press shops, professional photo labs, digital printing companies, large format color bureaus, and other printing and graphics related businesses.

Intranet Solutions

ISystems™ Enterframe¨ Intelligent Object Server¨ is a unique real-time intranet system.

Enterprise Systems Software Development
As powerful desktop computers systems have come to replace mainframes, iSystems has developed Macintosh, PC, and UNIX-based enterprise systems for corporations around the world. Our multi-user, real-time, data-intensive applications have been used to manage massive databases for a variety of companies throughout the United States and Europe. ISystems provides solutions capable of spanning the entire "value chain" from intranet to extranet to interactive web based applications and marketing presence.

Medical Management and Outcome Evaluation Systems
In partnership with a number of health care management organizations, iSystems has used advanced scientific design and statistical analysis to developed solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly changing areas of health care and insurance management. ISystems Clinical Management System¨ (CMS) enables medium sized clinical healthcare facilities to manage billing and HIPPA Compliant insurance claims. ISystems Efficacy¨ Medical Quality Management System provides real-time outcomes analysis using matrix-based statistics to provide outcome predictions, treatment matching, and progress indicators.